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Some say that the sensation is drug-like, some that various drugs can potentiate the experience; others categorically exclude any connection with drug usage, claiming that it invalidates any images observed. Some prefer glowing coals or shimmering mirages.

It was a practice known to be used by Egyptian at the time, but forbidden by Hebrew Law. Retrieved from ” https: Psychologist Leonard Zusne suggested that scrying images are hallucinations or hypnagogic experiences.

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Cock Lane and common-sense. In this state some scryers hear their own disassociated voices affirming what they see, in a mental feedback loop. Folklore superstitions such as those just mentioned, are not to be distinguished clearly from traditional tales, within which the divnation of such media are taken for granted.

Occult and Supernatural Phenomena. Scrying the Secrets of the Future: Glass, or any shiny object, will do as well.

This page was last edited on dosnload February diviantion, at There is no definitive distinction between scrying and other aids to clairvoyanceauguryor divinationbut roughly speaking, scrying depends on fancied impressions of visions in the medium of choice.

The cup was said to contain an elixir of immortality, but without cogent explanation for any relevance divinxtion the elixir to the scrying function. Pages using citations with accessdate and no URL All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July Articles with unsourced statements from June Pages using div col with deprecated parameters. This is mentioned to reinforce his disguise as an Egyptian nobleman. Scrying has been practiced with mirrors, jewels, little pools of water or ink, and in medieval Europe with polished sword blades.

Scrying has been practised in many cultures in the belief that it can reveal the past, present, or future. The New shorter Oxford English dictionary on historical principles. Retrieved 13 December Practitioners apply the process until they achieve a satisfactory state of perception in which beginneers visual images and dramatic dkvination seem to be projected within the medium itself, or in the mind’s eye of the scryer.

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. Examples include darkened reflections of night sky, or plain shadow or darkness. While, as with any sort of folklore, the details may vary, this particular tale Bloody Mary encouraged young women to walk up a flight of stairs backwards, holding a candle and a hand mirror, in a darkened house.

Scrying – Wikipedia

Some critics consider it to be a pseudoscience. A Study of Magical Thinking. The Encyclopedia of Witches, Witchcraft and Wicca. Scrying is not supported by science as a method of predicting the future or obtaining information unavailable to empirical investigation. Examples of names coined for crystal gazing include crystallomancyspheromancyand catoptromancy.

He initially used these stones in various treasure-digging quests in the early s, placing the stone in the bottom of his hat and putting his face in the hat to read what he believed were the miraculous reflections from the stone.

Clairvoyance in other words, is regarded as amounting in essence to extrasensory perception. Alternatively the medium might reduce visual stimuli to thresholds below which any clear impressions could interfere with fancied visions or free association. Once this stage is achieved, the scryer may begin free association with the perceived images. divinatkon

Another form of the tale, involving the same actions of gazing into a mirror in a darkened room, is used as a supernatural dare in the tale of ” Bloody Mary “.

In various sources such as dictionaries, scrying often is described as crystal gazing, but in fact the media, terminologies, and methods of different practitioners vary arbitrarily and need not involve crystals or glassy materials at all.

Commonly terms in use are Latinisations or Hellenisations of descriptions of the media or activities. Scrying also known by various names such as “seeing” or “peeping” is the practice of looking into a suitable medium in the hope of detecting significant messages or visions.

Smith had at least three separate stones, including his favorite, a brown stone he found during excavation of a neighbor’s well. Rituals that involve many acts similar to scrying in ceremonial magic are retained in the form of folklore and superstition. The objective might be personal guidance, prophecyrevelationor inspiration, but down the ages, scrying in various forms also has been a prominent means of divination or fortune-telling.

There is neither any systematic body of empirical support for any such divibation in general however, nor for their respective rival merits; individual preferences in such matters are arbitrary at best.

As they gazed into the mirror, they were supposed to be able to catch a view of their future husband’s face. Robertson’s Words for a Modern Age: Crystal gazing Oculomancy Catoptromancy Hydromancy.

From Wikipedia, rownload free encyclopedia. Catoptromancy Ganzfeld experiment Hydromancy Kozyrev mirror Lecanomancy Bfginners Magic paranormal Psychomanteum Scyphomancy Yard globe List of topics characterized as pseudoscience. The media most commonly used in scrying are reflective, refractive, translucent, or luminescent surfaces or objects such as crystalsstones digination, or glass in various shapes such as crystal balls, mirrorsreflective black surfaces such as obsidian, water surfaces, fireor smokebut there is no special limitation on the preferences or prejudices of the scryer; some may stare into pitch dark, clear sky, clouds, shadows, or light patterns against walls, ceilings, or pond beds.

The Ragged Edge of Science.