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My work has focused on the application of concepts and methods from the science of materials, thermal sciences, fluid and solid mechanics, advanced mathematics and numerical computing to the investigation of metallurgical engineering systems and processes. I have also expertise in mathematical modeling and computer simulation and in the implementation and use of hypertext documents and the internet for instructional purposes and for the communication of technical information.

Skip to main content. Professor of Practice, Engineering and Science-Hartford. Over the years, I have developed a broad range of deterministic and stochastic models as well as many associated web pages, both, for use by students as learning aids and for information exchange with engineers and others in industry.

My academic work experience includes teaching graduate courses on the structure, properties and performance of Engineering Materials, and also in Thermal Sciences, Mechanics of Solids, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Numerical Computation, Mathematical Modeling, Computer Simulation and Decision and Management Sciences. I have made intellectual contributions to the field for over 25 years. My industrial research work experience has consisted of msterials applied research consulting services and boooks to a number of national and foreign companies.