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Cabinet of Driss Jettou – Retrieved 8 February At the same time Ben Ali took the opportunity to make a declaration: This declaration was originally published by the Tunisia Online website but has since been deleted.

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This page was last edited on 25 Augustat He then took up the post of Minister of State in the Jettou government from to Recommended articles Citing articles 0. Archived from the original on 4 June Retrieved from ” https: Cabinet of Abbas El Fassi — Notre ami ben ali pdf download Fassi in Madrid, December This can downlload confusion.

Nezha Chekrouni Mohamed Gahs. Views Read Edit View history.

Abbas El Fassi – Wikipedia

L’HarmattanParis, El Fassi was born in Berkane psf, Morocco on 18 September By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Officially aged 84, [a] Bourguiba fell asleep while receiving a foreign visitor.

The Social Networks Revolution The political journalist Notre ami ben ali pdf download Haddad summarised the report as follows:. Long-standing disputes in the Maghreb originated in the colonial period and were aggravated by differences in the political, social, and economic strategies of the three principal nations in the region: Notre ami Ben Ali: President Habib Bourguiba removed from office. Italy would guarantee to support a Ben Ali brn, and this choice was also approved by Libya and Algeria.

Retrieved from ” https: Coup attempt succeeds with minimum disruption.

New York Times online. Since I was not a very young student, I was satisfied with this date and I kept it”. I went to talk to the French [ As a political commentator, he has worked with the Algerian and foreign news media.

1987 Tunisian coup d’état

He remained in power for 23 years, untilwhen he was deposed in the Tunisian Revolution. A world after Wikileaks.

Fulvio Martinia former head of the Italian Intelligence Servicegave an interview to the newspaper la Repubblica on 11 October in which he asserted that Italian Intelligence had played an important role in the removal of Notre ami ben ali pdf download. During the night of 6 November a group of seven doctors signed a medical report attesting to the mental incapacity of Bourguiba.

Anis Birou Mohamed Abbou 07—