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This book contains one thousand and eight fabulous couplets revealed by Shri Maharaj Ji describing the braj and nikunj leelas of Radha and Krishna. Some of the divine songs inspire the devotee to worship the lotus feet of Krishna, the Lord and Master, while some invite krishna bhajan hindi pdf download to rock baby Krishna in the lap.

Sankskrit verses have been explained in both Hindi and English.

The keertans in this book describe the various leelas performed by them. An excellent tool for daily sadhana spiritual practice.

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Krishna bhajan hindi pdf download Maharaj has authored several books that unravel the mysteries of the divine for the benefit of devotees. Prem Ras Madira with meaningsVol. View our Photo Gallery. Teachings Articles Words of Wisdom. Krishna Dwadashi and Radha Trayodashi.

Hindi Book Bhajans.pdf

Keertans in these three books describe the various leelas performed by them. They will surely captivate your heart! Shri MaharajJi has written krishna bhajan hindi pdf download beautiful verses pad which describe the beauty and the decorations on Shri Krishna. Shri MaharajJi has written thirteen beautiful verses pad which describe the beauty and the decorations on Shri Radha Rani. In this book, Shri MaharajJi has revealed the Divine sweetness of Radha and Krishn through 64 keertans, which when faithfully imbibed, sprouts the seed of Divine love in the heart.


The devotee is transported to Vrindavan and Barsana where he too becomes a part of the loving leelas of the divine couple. Keertan Books In English. Krishhna book is a gem containing the knowledge of the Upanishads, Geeta and the Brahm Sutra consolidated into couplets.

Keertan Books In Hindi.

krishna bhajan hindi pdf download The 50 keertans in this book describe the various leelas performed by them. It contains the hihdi and transliteration of each couplet in English along with the original text in Hindi. These books include the meanings of all the songs in English and several beautiful photos of the pastimes of Radha-Krishna. Dowmload and Aratis in Hindi with meanings in English. This book contains the eanings and transliterations of all one hundred keertans along with the original Hindi text.

At times you are linking arms with Shyamsundar, the divine friend, while at other times you are swooning over Manmohan, the all-attractive beloved. Radha Ppdf Naam Gun Gaan. Web enabled by Puretech Internet. Downoad wide variety of books that are available not only explain the philosophy of Vedas and Vedic scriptures in a very simple, practical and logical manner but also compliment the devotees’ daily spiritual pursuit by providing them with beautiful couplets, bhajans and keertans that reinforce the philosophy.

krishna bhajan hindi pdf download

भजन – कीर्तन – आरती – Bhajan – Kirtan – Arati: Antardhwani – PDF

This book contains a selection of songs, which have been transliterated in English along with their meanings from Braj Ras Madhuri. Home Gift Shop Keertan Books. Couplets filled with spiritual knowledge with meanings in English. Listen to Bhajans and Keertans.

A selection of devotional songs from “Prem Ras Madira” listed abovewith meanings in English. Braj Ras Madhuri, Vol. The words are not only available in Hindi, but have also been transliterated and explained in English for the benefit of non-Hindi speakers.