Center Output Tray – Lower optional [80]: Are the settings for notification of transmission configured correctly? Page 15 Appendix You can configure each setting on the [Tools] screen. In this accounting, the remote server collects job data stored on the machine and counts up the numbers of pages processed for each user. Page Setup Menu Restrictions on Using Job Flow A job flow can be used by single or multiple users, or can be used by linking to a specific mailbox. Select a range of mailbox numbers to be printed. Use only staple cartridges recommended by Fuji Xerox.

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Setup Menu Select [Address Book].

User Mode Specify the paper sizes to use for printing received fax documents. Specify the value between 0 and Scan Service Settings Remotely Authenticated User Uses the user name and the password of the remotely authenticated user for login. Adds the sender’s address to To. Cancel Printing Cancels printing. Use this dial to enhance or decrease the contrast. Enter Once Fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 No need to re-enter the group recipient.


Configure the following settings on the computer. By executing [Start], all data registered in the machine is deleted. Without cut sheet feeder left: The machine will reboot, and the settings will be reflected. For information on how to print a configuration report, refer to “Printer Reports” The maximum number of scannable pages is per fuju.

Common Service Settings The following items are printed at the bottom right for Preset 3 or bottom left for Preset 4 of paper. Is the paper tray inserted Firmly push in the paper tray as far as correctly?

Xerox ApeosPort-II 5010 User Manual

apeospory Note that the page yield may be half or less of these values under some conditions. OFF Selects whether aligning the position of the document and the paper is to be done automatically or not. The screen display is distorted. If the machine does not recover even after following the above procedure, contact our Customer Support Center. Page 12 Machine Status Programming You can check or change the values set for the print mode item numbers.

Configure the [Service Access] and [Feature Access] settings fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 each service, and then select [Save].

Refer to “Loading Paper in the Trays 1 to 4” Unifies the leading direction of the fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 on the front and rear sides of the paper at the long edge of the paper for LEF and at the short edge of the paper for SEF.

Allow Casual Users to Edit From Field Set whether or not to protect e-mail addresses from being changed by unregistered users under [From] on the [E-mail] tab.

Drum cartridge Contains a photo conductor to transfer toner. Page [0] Default: Both Pages Copies both pages funi page order. Go to Fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 only when [Local Address List] is selected. Page 5 Tools Does not print a report regardless of whether data transmission is successfully completed or not. Polling Retrieving Documents from Remote Machines Original Type Selecting the Document Type Before turning zpeosport power off, make sure that all copy or print jobs have completely finished.

Hold the front handle on the left cover of the document feeder, to open the left cover until it comes to Print Restricts users to print jobs stored on the machine, fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 as the Secure Print and Sample Set jobs. Do not remove the bent staples only. RESET button returns to the projected position. Attachment Only prints the attached documents. No measure is required. Page outgoing fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 incoming e-mail settings Communication Mode Setup Menu Relay Station Setup When the machine is used as a relay station in a relay broadcast, select whether or not to certify the registered address number as an initiating station for the relay broadcast.

HP HP 4. Page 14 Problem Solving Grasp both sides of the Tray 5 bypassand then pull the tray from the machine.

The slot to be used differs depending on the card readers. To purchase these options, contact our Customer Support Center. Active Palette 0 Default: Confirm whether the network cable is connected correctly. If [Print Mode] is set to [Off-line], select [On-line].