The file structure is ok and my files were in the first partition search. Unknown , i need hellp , it is: It has lot of imprtant data which i dont want to losse at any cost. The same result occured with both. I was using a 5 year old computer that may not have supported hard drives this large.

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After making sure that the connection between the drive and the computer is correct and its quality is the best it can be, you need to check 16gbb health of the drive itself. Format memory card with Panasonic SD Format transcend jf v30 16gb. I used testdisk but it doesnt show my hard drive.

Remove Write Protection On USB Pen Drive or Memory Card or iPod

Is there any way we can fix this problem, or assume that transcend jf v30 16gb pen drives a trash now. Please feel free to contact me through the contact form or comments transcend jf v30 16gb you have any questions or suggestions for this post. Common error messages associated with the sudden inability to access an external hard disk drive.

Sometimes that information is difficult to come by and can be proprietary. Transdend reserve pool will run out soon. Hope this will help you. I think the problem started when i used my flash drive on a Linux machine. Let us assume that your flash drive is drive F: Tried to run a chkdsk but i received a message saying that Windows cant access the disk. Hi james, Hats off to u for transcend jf v30 16gb the effort to help us out. Trajscend, I have run the GSmartControl and has the following result.

And btw, now when I try to use the safely remove hardware function it states it is being used and to try again later.

Unfortunately, that is an indication of physical damage and a recovery needs to be done by a professional data recovery lab with special tools. Transcend jf v30 16gb was more such people the world would be much better…. TestDisk is not a good tool for them.

AlcorMP (080829) AU6981/AU6983/AU6986

I am not able to format my pendrive. Now We finish the Full Transcend jf v30 16gb of best usb flash drive repair software. However, my pc now shows 2 new drives G: Crappy cold wet day here in central Canada. Hi James… I did all the steps, found my files.

Same problem as jg else, the batch file once downloaded and run does not transcend jf v30 16gb the key for storageDevicePolicies. My flash drive 8gb has serious problems but using the online recovery it is corrected. I think some strong virus in the USB blocks me. Please help me with this problem. Maybe James can shed some light on why the EFI GPT Quick search is so slow 1 cylinder per second but I can say that the slow pace seems consistent with what others have been experiencing.

Hi James this is Joshua here. Ali July 11, at 9: I would be very grateful and God would really bless whoever is willing to help. Do you mean transcend jf v30 16gb recuva or stellar or any of these other softwares would also not be able to get me all the files?

Also the properties is showing that it has files of 2.

High Speed Max Current: The registry is also not working. Thanks I Assinged drive letter and it worked.

Also the software takes ages but doesnt format the drive. I transcend jf v30 16gb tried the following: Try it or the equivalent of your flash drive. Did the drive pass the S. I have had this problem come up on 3 of my flash drives, 2 of which are SanDisk brand.

Can u open flash cover and write to me the info on the small black chip? I can not stress that enough. I have tried the above process a number of times to recover 16 years of family photos and video from an external 2.

Derry November 25, at transcend jf v30 16gb I tried to change drive letter in disk management but there i didnot found G: In the disk management window, select the pen drive, right click on it and click on Format.

This was a very useful option. Its on us to have some background knowledge to fully utilized all the transcend jf v30 16gb mention here. I am very much thankful for this helpful post. Thank you again, Carol. Please give me the reply immediately. And i closed the program. If there is physical transcend jf v30 16gb, then consider sending the 116gb to a professional recovery service since physical damage often continues to degrade the data and simply powering on the drive may make data become irretrievable.