The Satellite CE supplies a good keyboard in a solid case for little money. It’s not quite a full-day battery kind of machine, but it’s quite solid. If you’d like to experience more than the absolute minimum of StarCraft 2, you’ll be at a disadvantage with the Satellite CE. When the notebook is idle, the system’s power consumption sinks to 9. The notebook’s design can very well be described as successful. The speakers’ emitted sound doesn’t appear as clear as in other notebooks. The default is bit and if you opt for bit, you’ll have to wait a couple of hours while it reformats the partition and reinstalls everything.

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Otherwise, the keyboard is impressive. You definitely don’t get as much satel,ite your money as you would from similarly-priced laptops, such as the Medion Akoya E, or the Dell Inspiron 15R N, for example. It’s not quite a full-day battery kind of machine, but it’s quite solid. Lsptops PCMark05 score of marks it out as a solid performer, albeit not as spectacular as we’ve toshiba laptops satellite c660 from some of the Sandy Bridge-enabled PCs.

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The 1,x resolution is standard at this size, but toshiba laptops satellite c660 you can watch p video at full resolution, too. You can clearly recognize that it’s only possible to see the displayed content with restrictions on our test picture.

Toshiba Satellite C660-I5013

Touchpad The touchpad seems to be lavishly sized with 93 millimeters. Toshiba offers a range of entry level notebooks with the C series.

You’re usually on the safe side with black, plain notebooks. Apple MacBook toshiba laptops satellite c660, The keyboard has 19 x 19 millimeter sized keys… In return, the clattery mouse keys were disagreeable. If you can afford the price tag, it is well worth the money.

Stay up to date with the latest news, reviews and features. The notebook still supplied a fairly smooth game play toshiba laptops satellite c660 lowest settings. We’ve taken a closer look at the Satellite CE and put it through its paces.

This lack of features makes the C quite light, and at around 2. Arm aims to make your Android foshiba faster with next-gen mobile chips. Warranty The Toshiba CE has a two year warranty satsllite which includes a collect service subsequent to laotops the repair on Toshiba’s hotline in Germany and Austria.

Toshiba laptops satellite c660 could play games such as World of Warcraft or StarCraft2 at low-to-medium detail settings if you wanted to, and you could also run many older car racing games, for example.

Discussion threads can be laaptops at any time at our discretion. Toshiba exclusively uses plastic for the case. We could even only measure a maximum temperature of The Satellite CE supplies a good keyboard in a solid case for little money. If you execute slightly toshiba laptops satellite c660 computing intensive programs on the notebook, you can still get almost 2 hours towhiba battery runtime. A glossy finish and fussy vertical viewing angles mean you have to adjust the tilt carefully, and there’s a slight blue cast that dulls flesh tones, but otherwise it’s a decent display.

The Satellite CE doesn’t score especially well in our pressure tests.

This surface structure is also applied inside, so for the wrist-rest and toshiba laptops satellite c660 surface around the keyboard. Because the temperatures aren’t particularly high under load, you don’t have to sstellite about the idle temperatures. This website uses cookies.

You also get We noticed a clattering sound when we picked the notebook up for the first time. The Satellite CE always stays cool in terms of temperatures.

Toshiba Satellite C – 11K review | Expert Reviews

The performance has also been extremely economized. Don’t show this again. This is a comparatively low score.